Once upon a time, there was terrible German alliance called EON Alliance (Dotlan). Formed from ex-Kadeshi corporations, gifted space by Goons after liberation of Delve and as a member of the feared Elite Space Coalition, nothing stood in its way to true greatness.

Oh wait, don’t forget the bane of all alliances: fucking incompetent leadership.
EON Leadership consisted of 3 astounding personalities: Terminatorx1, a manic-agressive inhabitant of former east-germany, Speedtouch, the charismatic and allknowing leader (we will hear more about him later), and AHOHA, the austrian industrial backbone (on which the focus of this tale will lie).



Dieses Video zeigt das Alltagsleben in KYR und LUMPY. Enthalten sind Ganks, Capital Einsatz, Small und Med Scale PvP.



  • London Philharmonic Orchestra. „Deus Ex-Human Revolution – Icarus Main Theme“. The Greatest Video Game Musik 2.
  • Daft Punk. „Outlands“. TRON: Legacy.
  • Lunatic Calm. „Leave You Far Behind“. The Matrix OST.